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Subject to these Terms (including, without limitation, the YOUR RESPONSIBILITIESsection set forth below), we hereby grant you, if and only to the extent the necessaryfunctionality is provided to you on or through the Site(s)/ App(s), the following limited,revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, worldwide, royalty-free rightsand licenses (“License”):

2.1 The License to access, view and otherwise use the Site(s)/ App(s) (including, withoutlimitation any Services provided on or through the Site(s)/ App(s)) for your personal (noncommercial), lawful use only, as intended through the customary and authorized functionalityof the Site(s)/ App(s);

2.2 The License to stream Site(s)/ App(s) content using any of the widgets and/or other digitalstreaming internet video players, if any, provided on the Site(s)/ App(s) (any such widget orother digital streaming internet video player referred to as a “Site Widget/ Video Player”) foryour personal, lawful use only;

2.3 The License to cut and paste certain code expressly made available to you through theSite(s)/ App(s) (whether such functionality is designated as “sharing” functionality or not) in order to embed, re-publish, maintain, and/or display the specific Site(s)/ App(s) content towhich such code relates on your own personal, customized social networking web page(s),web blog(s), or microblog(s) (collectively, your “Personal Social Media”), and/or, if theSite(s)/ App(s) provides “widget grabbing and embedding” functionality, to “grab” a SiteWidget and embed, re-publish, maintain, and/or display such Site Widget on your PersonalSocial Media;

2.4 The License to cut and paste certain code expressly made available to you through the Site,and/or if the Site provides “widget grabbing and embedding” functionality, to “grab” a SiteWidget, to forward, as applicable, such code and/or Site Widget to your friends, so that theycan view the Site content contained therein, and/or if, they so desire, so that they themselvesmay embed the forwarded piece of code or Site Widget on their own Personal Social Mediaor re-forward it to their own friends;

2.5 If the Site(s)/ App(s) enables you to download Software, the License to install and use onecopy of the Software on your personal computer system, mobile or other permitted device;provided, however, that you understand and agree that (i) by allowing you to download theSoftware, Zigzag Player does not transfer title to the Software to you (i.e.,you own the medium on which the Software is recorded, but the Software's owner (which maybe Zigzag Player and/or its third party Software licensor) will retain fulland complete title to such Software; (ii) you shall not copy, modify, adapt, translate into anylanguage, distribute, or create derivative works based on the Software without the prior writtenconsent of Zigzag Player; (iii) you shall not assign, rent, lease, or lendthe Software to any person or entity and any attempt by you to sublicense, transfer, or assignthe Software will be void and of no effect; (iv) you shall not decompile, disassemble, reverseengineer, or attempt to reconstruct, identify, or discover any source code, underlying ideas,underlying user interface techniques, or algorithms of the Software by any means whatsoever,except to the extent the foregoing restriction is prohibited by applicable law.


Your rights under any one or more of the Licenses set forth above are conditioned upon yourcompliance with each of the following:

3.1 Subject to availability of these functionalities you will not create or Submit (as definedbelow) a User Submission that is unlawful, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, libellous, threatening, discriminatory, harassing, bullying, vulgar, indecent, profane, hateful, racially,culturally or ethnically offensive, or that encourages criminal conduct, or that gives rise, orpotentially gives rise, to civil or criminal liability, or that violates any applicable laws, rules,regulations or (“Applicable Laws”), or that infringes or violates other parties' intellectualproperty, publicity, or privacy rights or links to infringing or unauthorized content;

3.2 You will not embed, re-publish, maintain and/or display any Site(s)/ App(s) content(including, without limitation, any of your own User Submissions) on any Personal SocialMedia or other web site or other internet location that ordinarily contains or hosts content thatis unlawful, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, libellous, threatening, discriminatory,harassing, bullying, vulgar, indecent, profane, hateful, racially, culturally or ethnicallyoffensive, or that encourages criminal conduct, or that gives rise, or potentially gives rise, tocivil or criminal liability, or that violates any Applicable Laws, or that infringes or violatesother parties' intellectual property rights or links to infringing or unauthorized content;

3.3 You will not send spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other unsolicited orunauthorized advertising or promotional materials, or harass, bully, stalk, harm, or otherwisecause mental or physical distress or injury to anyone, or defame or disparage someone, orengage in any other unlawful or objectionable conduct while using the Site;

3.4 You will provide accurate, current and complete information about you or anyone else,and you will not provide false information about you or anyone else (including, withoutlimitation, when you are being asked on the Site to provide accurate information about yourage), and you will not impersonate or appear to impersonate anyone else or otherwisemisrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity;

3.5 You will not use any one or more of the Licenses granted to you (and any associatedfunctionality) to collect, obtain, compile, gather, transmit, reproduce, delete, revise, view,display, forward, any material or information, whether personally identifiable or not, postedby or concerning any other user of the Site, unless you have obtained prior permission fromsuch user to do so;

3.6 You will not interfere with or disrupt, or attempt to interfere with or disrupt, the operationof the Site(s)/ App(s) (or any parts thereof);

3.7 You will abide by all copyright notices, information, and restrictions contained in orassociated with any of the Site(s)/ App(s) content;

3.8 You will not remove, alter, interfere with or circumvent any copyright, trademark,watermark, or other proprietary notices marked/displayed on Site(s)/ App(s) content, Softwareor Services;

3.9 You will not remove, alter, interfere with or circumvent any digital rights managementmechanism, device or other content protection or access control measure (including, withoutlimitation geo-filtering and/or encryption, etc.) associated with Site content;;

3.10 You will not use any of the rights granted to you or any of the Site(s)/ App(s) content orServices in a manner that suggests an association with any of ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT 's products, services or brands, unless otherwise specifically permittedby Zigzag Player;

3.11 You will not use bots, spiders, offline readers or other automated systems to access oruse the Site(s)/ App(s) in a manner that sends more request messages to the Site(s)/ App(s)'sservers in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period byusing a conventional web browser, unless you are a lawfully operating a public search engine,in which case (subject to Zigzag Player 's full discretion to revoke thisexception at any time), you may use spiders to index materials from the Site for the solepurpose of creating publicly available searchable indices (but not caches or archives) of suchmaterials;

3.12 You will not knowingly transmit any material that contains adware, malware, spyware,software viruses, time-bombs, cancel-bots, worms, trojan horses, or any other computer code,files, or programs designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality of any computersoftware or hardware or telecommunications equipment;

3.13 You will not do anything that is likely to adversely affect or reflect negatively upon orharm the goodwill or reputation of Zigzag Player or any of its affiliatesor group companies, or the Site(s)/ App(s), or any of the content running or being promotedon the Site(s)/ App(s) (including, without limitation, any movie, television program or otherinitiative);

3.14 You will not do anything on the Site(s)/ App(s) that would prevent other users' access toor use of the Site(s)/ App(s) or any part thereof;

3.15 You will be responsible for maintaining the confidentially of any username or passwordassociated with access to the Site(s)/ App(s) (including, without limitation, in those instancesin which the Site(s)/ App(s) uses the account creation mechanism and management of a third party’s social network, website or device), and you are solely responsible for all activities thatoccur under your username and/or password; and

3.16 You will use the Site(s)/ App(s) and the Licenses always in compliance with these Termsand all Applicable Laws.


When you submit (or attempt to submit) your User Submissions on or by means of the Site(s)/App(s), you automatically grant to Zigzag Player and its affiliates, groupcompanies an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, unconditional, unrestricted, fully-paid,royalty-free, transferable, fully sub-licenseable to multiple tiers of sublicensees, non-exclusiveright and license (the “Zigzag Player License”) to display, publiclyperform, distribute (including, without limitation, through third-party web sites, blogs,microblogs and other social networking media and internet and mobile resources andapplications etc.), store, transcode, host, cache, maintain, broadcast, webcast, mobile-cast,transmit, distribute, tag, track, reproduce, edit, modify, format, re-format, link to and from,translate, delete, create derivative works, combine with other content, categorize, and/orotherwise use, reuse and/or otherwise exploit your User Submissions (or any portions orderivative works thereof) and any names, likenesses, voices, images, digital recordings,performances, and other ideas, concepts, feedback and other materials included in your UserSubmissions, in any manner, medium or content delivery technology now known orhereinafter devised, for any purpose, as determined solely in ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT's (or its authorized designees/licensees') sole discretion, without therequirement for any compensation to you or anyone else, or the need to require additionalconsent from you or anyone else, or the need to provide prior notification or any credit to youor anyone else. The Zigzag Player License shall survive in perpetuity inaccordance with its terms regardless of whether you stop using the Site or ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT terminates your access to the Site(s)/ App(s). NOTHING CONTAINEDHEREIN SHALL BE DEEMED TO TRANSFER TO Zigzag Player ORTO ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES, ANY OWNERSHIP RIGHTS IN AND TO YOUR USERSUBMISSIONS, PROVIDED, HOWEVER, THAT Zigzag PlayerAND/OR ITS AFFILIATES AND/OR ITS LICENSORS WILL RETAIN SOLE ANDEXCLUSIVE OWNERSHIP OF ANY OF THE Zigzag PlayerLICENSED ASSETS (IF ANY) INCLUDED IN YOUR USER SUBMISSIONS. EVENTHOUGH BY SUBMITTING YOUR USER SUBMISSIONS YOU ARE GRANTING TOZigzag Player THE BROAD RIGHTS AND LICENSES SET FORTHABOVE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTAND THAT NOTHING CONTAINEDHEREIN SHALL OBLIGATE Zigzag Player AND/OR ANY OF ITSAFFILIATES OR AUTHORIZED DESIGNEES TO HOST, DISTRIBUTE, DISPLAY OROTHERWISE EXPLOIT ANY OF YOUR USER SUBMISSIONS OR EXERCISE ANYOTHER RIGHTS UNDER THE Zigzag Player LICENSE. Youacknowledge and agree that: (a) you have no expectation of confidentiality of any nature withrespect to any of your User Submissions, and (b) Zigzag Player and/orany of its affiliates may already have projects under consideration that are similar to your UserSubmissions or may independently develop projects that are similar to your User Submissions,or other User Submissions transmitted by other users of the Site may be similar or the sameas your User Submissions. Because of the viral nature of social media, you should not submitany content or information to Zigzag Player that you do not want to beviewed and “shared” or otherwise distributed by others. In connection with all of the UserSubmissions you Submit to the Site, and any other activities that you conduct on or by meansof the Site, you represent, warrant and covenant that: (i) the User Submissions are original toyou (in other words, that you own all rights in and to your User Submissions) or, alternatively,that you have acquired all necessary rights in your User Submissions to enable you to grant toMindsys Technologies the ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT License; (ii) you have paid or satisfied and will pay or satisfy in full alllicense fees, clearance fees, royalties, and any other financial or third party obligations of anykind, if any, arising from any use or exploitation of your User Submissions, and ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT will not be responsible for such obligations; (iii) your User Submissionsdo not infringe the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, or any otherlegal or moral rights of any third party; (iv) neither your User Submissions, nor any of theother activities that you undertake on the Site(s)/ App(s), are or will at any time be: defamatoryor disparaging of any individual or entity, unlawful, pornographic, obscene, threatening,vulgar, indecent, profane, hateful, sexually explicit or sexually suggestive, intended to bullyor harass or stalk, or resulting in bullying, harassing, or stalking, racially or ethnically orculturally offensive, or otherwise objectionable or encouraging of criminal conduct, or givingrise, or potentially giving rise, to civil or criminal liability, or linking to infringing orunauthorized content, or transmitting unsolicited advertising materials, or intended to result in, or resulting in, any mental or physical distress or injury to any person, violate of anyApplicable Laws or these Terms, or violate of any person’s publicity or privacy rights; and (v)your User Submissions are not intended by you to benefit any commercial enterpriseassociated with you or any third party. You agree to keep all records necessary to establishthat your User Submissions do not violate any of the foregoing representations and warrantiesand to make such records available to Zigzag Player upon ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT 's request. Zigzag Player is not responsible for anyloss, theft or damage of any kind to any User Submissions. You acknowledge that PINGPONG ENTERTAINMENT does not as a matter of its ordinary practice pre-screen any UserSubmissions submitted by you or other users of the Site but that ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT (and/or any of its authorized designees) has the right to and may prescreen or review after initial submission any of the User Submissions for a variety of reasons,including, without limitation, for compliance with these Terms or Applicable Laws, or ifotherwise desired or necessary, as determined by Zigzag Player in its solediscretion. Zigzag Player shall have the right in its sole discretion torefuse, remove, edit, or disable any of your User Submissions (and/or any other Site users'User Submissions) that violate these Terms or are otherwise objectionable, as determined byZigzag Player in its sole discretion, as well as terminate your and/or anySite user's continued access to and/or other use of the Site (including, without limitation,access to and/or use of any of the Services, features or functionality available on or throughthe Site). Zigzag Player does not control or endorse any UserSubmissions, and any User Submissions submitted to the Site do not reflect the opinions,views or policies of Zigzag Player or any of its affiliates. ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT disclaims any and all liability in connection with any and all UserSubmissions, and you agree to waive any legal or equitable rights or remedies you may haveagainst Zigzag Player or any of its affiliates with respect to such UserSubmissions. If you remove or delete any of your User Submissions from the Site, that UserSubmission will be removed from the Site within a reasonable period of time. Nonetheless, aUser Submission that you remove may still be available to third parties who previouslyacquired the link to that User Submission and Zigzag Player maymaintain copies for archival purposes. Zigzag Player reserves the right todisplay advertisements in connection with your User Submissions and to use your UserSubmissions to advertise and promote your User Submissions or the Site (in whole or in part)or any of Zigzag Player products or services. You acknowledge and agree that you have no right or interest in any of the revenue generated from such advertisements.These provisions shall remain in full force and effect in perpetuity notwithstanding anytermination of your use of the Site.Users hereby acknowledge that certain content on the Site(s)/ App(s) is for use solely byresponsible adults over the age of 18 or the age of consent in the jurisdiction from which it isbeing accessed. There are various genres of content suitable for the consumption by the usersbelow the age of 18 years and also for users above 18 years of age, who have attained the ageof majority. Should the user choose to access such content intended for the consumption bythe users above the age of 18 years then, , such user shall be making the followingrepresentations:

1. That the user has attained the age of majority, or at least 18 years of age, and has thelegal right to access and / or possess content meant for adults;

2. That the user has voluntarily chosen to access such content, because he / she wants toview the same and does not find the said content to be offensive or objectionable;

3. That by viewing any part / portion of content intended for the consumption by theusers above the age of 18 years available on the application/website, the user agreesthat the user shall not hold the owners of the application/website ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT, its directors, or its employees responsible for any said materials;

4. That the user will exit this Site(s)/ App(s) immediately should he / she be in anywayoffended by the adult nature of the content;

5. That the user understands and agrees to abide by the standards and laws of India orthe jurisdiction from which it is being accessed.


YOU EXPRESSLY AGREE THAT YOUR USE OF THE SITE(S)/ APP(S) IS AT YOURSOLE RISK. THE SITE(S)/ APP(S) (AND ANY PORTION OF THE SITE(S)/ APP(S)) ISPROVIDED “AS IS” “WITH ALL FAULTS” AND “AS AVAILABLE.” TO THE FULLEXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, Zigzag Player AND ITSAFFILIATES EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND,WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THEIMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARUSE OR PURPOSE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT). Neither ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT nor any of its affiliates make any warranties or representations about the accuracy or completeness of content available on or through the Site(s)/ App(s) or the contentof any web sites, Personal Social Media or other internet or mobile resources linked to theSite(s)/ App(s) and assume no liability or responsibility for any: (i) errors, mistakes, orinaccuracies of content; (ii) personal injury or property damage, of any nature whatsoever,resulting from your access to or use of the Site(s)/ App(s) (or any parts thereof); (iii) anyunauthorized access to or use of our secure servers and/or any and all personal informationstored therein; (iv) any interruption or cessation of transmission to or from the Site(s)/ App(s);(v) any bugs, viruses, Trojan horses, or the like which may be transmitted to or through theSite(s)/ App(s) (or any parts thereof) by any third party; and/or (vi) for any loss or damage ofany kind incurred as a result of the use of any User Submissions and/or other Site(s)/ App(s)content posted, shared, forwarded, emailed, transmitted, or otherwise made available on or bymeans of the Site(s)/ App(s) and/or otherwise through your or any other Site(s)/ App(s) users'exercise of any rights under any of the Licenses granted by Zigzag Playerherein. Zigzag Player reserves the right, in its sole and exclusivediscretion, to change, modify, add, remove or disable access to any portion of the Site(s)/App(s) (including, without limitation any of the Services).




You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Zigzag Player and its affiliatesand its and their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, licensees,authorized designees, successors and assigns from any and all claims, liabilities, damages,losses, costs, expenses, fees (including reasonable outside attorneys' fees and costs) that suchparties may incur as a result of or arising from (i) any of your User Submissions; (ii) yourexercise of any of your rights granted under the Licenses without your compliance with yourresponsibilities set forth in these Terms; (ii) the breach of any of your warranties,representations, covenants, responsibilities or other obligations set forth in these Terms; (iii)your violation of any person's intellectual property, privacy, publicity or other right; (iv) theviolation of any Applicable Laws and/or these Terms by you and/or anyone using yourregistered account to access and/or otherwise use the Site (in whole or in part); or (v) yourwillful misconduct or the willful misconduct of anyone accessing the Site through yourregistered account, in connection with your (and/or such other person's) use of the Site (inwhole or in part). Zigzag Player reserves the right to assume the exclusivedefense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you, in which eventyou will cooperate with Zigzag Player in asserting any availabledefenses. This provision shall remain in full force and effect notwithstanding any terminationof your use of the Site.


Zigzag Player respects the intellectual property rights of others. Uponproper notice, Zigzag Player will remove User Submissions (and anyother Site(s)/ App(s) content) that violate copyright law. As per the provisions of Information Technology Act, 2000 and any amendments made thereto along with the rules framed thereunder and the provisions of the Copyright Act, 1957 along with all the amendments madethereto and rules framed there under, Zigzag Player shall remove uponreceiving written notification of claimed copyright infringement on the Site(s)/ App(s) and forprocessing such claims in accordance with such law. If you believe a work has been copied ina way that constitutes copyright infringement, please send a notification of claimedinfringement (an “Infringement Notification”) that contains all the following information:(i) identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed; (ii) identification ofthe claimed infringing material and information reasonably sufficient to permit ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT to locate the material on the Site(s)/ App(s); (iii) information reasonablysufficient to permit Zigzag Player to contact you, such as an address,telephone number, and, if available, an e-mail address; (iv) a statement by you that you havea good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, orthe law; (v) a statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information inyour notification is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on thecopyright owner's behalf; and (vi) your physical signature.Zigzag Player, Legal DepartmentOffice no. A-405/406 Samarth Aishwarya apartment New Link Road, Oshiwara,Off, KL Walawalkar Marg, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai,Maharashtra - 400053.By submitting an Infringement Notification, you acknowledge and agree that ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT may forward your Infringement Notification and any relatedcommunications to any users who posted the material identified in such notice.


The relationship between you and Zigzag Player shall be governedby the laws of India without regard to its conflict of law provisions and for resolution ofany dispute arising out of your use of the Services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, youagree that (i) Zigzag Player has the right to bring any proceedingsbefore any court/forum of competent jurisdiction and you irrevocably submit to thejurisdiction of such courts or forum and (ii) any proceeding brought by you shall beexclusively before the courts at Mumbai, India.


If any provision of these Terms shall be held unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable,then that provision shall be deemed severable from these Terms and shall not affect the validityand enforceability of any remaining provisions. The failure of ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms shall notconstitute a waiver of such right or provision. You agree that regardless of any statute or lawto the contrary, any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to the use of the Site(s)/App(s) or these Terms must be filed within one (1) year after such claim or cause of actionarose or be forever barred. This provision shall remain in full force and effect notwithstandingany termination of your use of the Site(s)/ App(s).


You understand and agree that Zigzag Player may, in its sole discretionand at any time, terminate or temporarily suspend your rights under any of the Licenses andotherwise your access to the Site(s)/ App(s), and discard, remove, and/or disable or deactivateany or all of your User Submissions that you submitted to or by means of the Site(s)/ App(s)and/or any other information and data that you (and/or anyone else) may have provided to orby means of the Site(s)/ App(s), for any reason. Zigzag Player may also,in its sole discretion and at any time, discontinue the Site(s)/ App(s) or any parts thereof orlimit or restrict any user access thereto, for any reason, with or without notice. YOUUNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT Zigzag Player MAY TAKE ANYONE OR MORE OF THESE ACTIONS WITHOUT ANY NOTICE TO YOU, PRIOR OROTHERWISE, AND YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT NEITHER ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT NOR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES SHALL HAVE ANY LIABILITYTO YOU OR TO ANY OTHER PERSON FOR ANY TERMINATION OF YOUR (ORANYONE ELSE'S) ACCESS TO THE SITE(S)/ APP(S) OR PARTS THEREOF; AND/ORTHE REMOVAL, DISCARDING, DISABLING OR DEACTIVATION OF ANY OF YOURUSER SUBMISSIONS (OR THE USER SUBMISSIONS OF ANYONE ELSE) OR THEREMOVAL, DISCARDING, DISABLING OR DEACTIVATION OF ANY OTHERINFORMATION OR DATA THAT YOU (OR ANYONE ELSE) MAY HAVE PROVIDEDON OR BY MEANS OF THE SITE(S)/ APP(S). YOU MAY DISCONTINUE YOUR ACCESS TO, USE OR PARTICIPATION ON OR BY MEANS OF THE SITE(S)/ APP(S)AT ANY TIME.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, you hereby irrevocably waive any right orremedy to seek and/or obtain injunctive or other equitable relief or any order with respect to,and/or to enjoin or restrain or otherwise impair in any manner, the production, distribution,exhibition or other exploitation of any Zigzag Player or any ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT affiliate-related motion picture, production or project, or the use,publication or dissemination of any advertising or promotion in connection with such motionpicture, production or project. This provision shall remain in full force and effectnotwithstanding any termination of your use of the Site(s)/ App(s).


You will be deemed to have consented to the disclosure to, and use by, a subsequent owner oroperator of the Site(s)/ App(s), of any information about you contained in the applicable PINGPONG ENTERTAINMENT database, to the extent Zigzag Playerassigns its rights and obligations regarding such information in connection with a merger,acquisition, or sale of all or some of our assets, or in connection with a merger, acquisition orsale of all or some assets related to a particular Site(s)/ App(s), to a subsequent owner oroperator. In the event of such a merger, acquisition, or sale, your continued use of the Site(s)/App(s) signifies your agreement to be bound by the terms of use and privacy statement of theSite(s)/ App’s(s) subsequent owner or operator. This provision shall remain in full force andeffect notwithstanding any termination of your use of the Site(s)/ App(s).


The Zigzag Player Site(s)/ App(s) Service is an online platform serviceproviding its members with various contents by way of streaming over the internet to the PING PONG ENTERTAINMENT Site(s)/ App(s) on various devices and platforms which willinclude mobile and similar other handheld devices and by way mobile applications.• RegistrationTo register for the Zigzag Player Site(s)/ App(s) Service youshall be required to do the following:Open an account by completing the registration process (i.e. by providing us with current,complete and accurate information as prompted by the applicable registration form). You alsowill choose a password and a user name. You are entirely responsible for maintaining theconfidentiality of your password and account. In particular, as a parent or legal guardian, youacknowledge and assume sole responsibility to ensure that content which is meant for matureaudiences (i.e, above the age of majority) is not accessed by children. Hence, you may notshare your log in credentials with your children. You expressly agree to absolve ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT and/or the Zigzag Player Site(s)/ App(s) Service ofany responsibility / liability in this regard.


To be able to view certain premium content (“Premium Content”), you will be required tosubscribe to any one subscription plan (“Plan”) of the Zigzag PlayerSite(s)/ App(s) Service viz., the plans available on the Site(s)/ App(s) to be able to access theservices which shall be entitled to full fee flexibility, solely at the discretion of ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT.You may be required to subscribe to the Zigzag Player Site(s)/ App(s)Service and such subscription in a particular geographical territory that shall be valid for thatterritory only and shall not automatically entitle you to access your account from a differentgeographical territory, unless specifically permitted by Zigzag Player.You will be required to re-subscribe to the Zigzag Player Site(s)/ App(s)Services in the event that you wish to use the services from a different territory other than theone from where you originally subscribed to the Zigzag Player Site(s)/App(s) Service


To access the Zigzag Player Site(s)/ App(s) Service, you will be asked toenter your individual user name and password, as chosen by you during your registration.Therefore, Zigzag Player does not permit any of the following:-(1) Any other person sharing your account and password;(2) Any part of the Site(s)/ App(s) being cached in proxy servers and accessed by individualswho have not registered with Zigzag Player as users of the Site(s)/App(s).Access through a single account being made available to multiple devices, being limited to amaximum of 5 (Five) devices at any given time, (subject to change without prior intimation)on a network.If Zigzag Player reasonably believes that an account and password isbeing used / misused in any manner, Zigzag Player reserves the right tocancel access rights immediately without notice, and block access to all users from that IPaddress. Furthermore, you shall be entirely responsible for any and all activities that occurunder your account. You agree to notify Zigzag Player immediately ofany unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security. ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of someoneelse using your password or account, however, you could be held liable for losses incurred byZigzag Player or another party due to someone else using your accountor password.To be able to view any Premium Content, you will be asked to enter your user name andpassword after which you shall have to subscribe to any of the Plans as mentioned above andfollow the payment procedure as prescribed here below.


The availability of content(s) to view through Zigzag Player Site(s)/App(s) Service will change from time to time at the sole discretion of ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT. The quality of the display of the streaming video may vary fromcomputer to computer, and device to device, and may be affected by a variety of factors, suchas your location, the bandwidth available through and/or speed of your internet connection,and/ or quality of user’s hardware. You are responsible for all internet access charges. Pleasecheck with your internet provider for information on possible internet data usage charges.Geographic Limitation: You may watch a video through the ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT Site(s)/ App(s) Service only in geographic locations where ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT offers the Zigzag Player Site(s)/ App(s) Service.The content that may be available to view will vary by geographic location. ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT may use technologies to verify your geographic location.


The Zigzag Player Site/(s)/ App(s) Service streaming software isdeveloped and designed to enable only streaming of content on the devices/platforms whichare Service ready. These Site(s)/ App(s) may vary by device and medium, and functionalitiesmay also differ between devices. This Site(s)/ App(s)is licensed to you pursuant to these Termsand solely for the purpose of using the Zigzag Player Site(s)/ App(s)Service and for no other purpose whatsoever. Zigzag Player does notwarrant the performance of the Site(s)/ App(s), including its continuing compatibility with theZigzag Player Site(s)/ App(s). Any unauthorized use of the Site(s)/App(s) is strictly prohibited and Zigzag Player reserves the right to notprovide the Site(s)/ App(s) (including updates) to you at any time and to discontinue the abilityto access the Zigzag Player Site(s)/ App(s) Service through such Site(s)/App(s) at any time, without prior or any notice. When you use a ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT Site(s)/ App(s) ready device, you expressly represent that you have theexpress authority to use such device and be liable for any transaction conducted through suchdevice on the Site(s)/ App(s). The Zigzag Player Site(s)/ App(s) permitsonly streaming of the content available on the Site(s)/ App(s)and restricts the download andstorage of such content, except the download functionality available on the App(s).


By subscribing to the Zigzag Player Site(s)/ App(s) Service, you areexpressly agreeing that Zigzag Player is authorized to charge yousubscription fee as per your selected plan, any other fees for additional services you maypurchase, and any applicable taxes in connection with your use of the ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT Site(s)/ App(s) Service through any such payment method/ instrumentincluding but not limited to credit/debit card, net banking or other payment method/ instrumentaccepted by Zigzag Player (“Payment Method”) that you are provided.The Payment Methods will differ from platform to platform (operating systems). In the eventyour subscription expires, Zigzag Player reserves the right to auto-renewyour subscription through your authorized Payment Method provided such Payment Methodoffers the service of auto-renewal. You hereby authorize us to effect such auto-renewal in theabove mentioned scenario.In the event you desire to discontinue your auto-renewed subscription, you may refer to theFAQs or contact us at zigzagplayers@gmail.com in order to obtain assistance inthis regard. As used in these Terms, “billing” shall indicate either a charge or debit, asapplicable, against your Payment Method. The subscription fee will be billed at the beginningof your subscription and towards the end of each subscription term. We will notify youregarding such expiration. To see the commencement date for your next renewal period, go tothe billing information section on your account page. If you change your Payment Method orsubscription plan, this could result in changing the date on which you are billed. However,Zigzag Player will not be able to notify you of changes in any applicabletaxes. All fees and charges are non-refundable and there are no refunds or credits for partiallyused periods and/or unwatched content. Any changes in the subscription plan opted for by youshall be effective only after the expiry of the then current subscription period for which youhave been billed. Similarly, the services as per revised plan opted by you shall be effectiveonly after the expiry of the then current subscription period. In case you require a change inthe subscription plan and/or services prior to the expiry of the then current subscription period,then Zigzag Player shall not be under any obligation to refund or givecredit for any portion of the subscription fee paid by you for the unexpired period. You willremain liable to Zigzag Player for all such amounts and all costs incurredby Zigzag Player in connection with the collection of these amounts,including, without limitation, collection agency fees, reasonable attorneys´ fees, andarbitration or court costs. You also understand and acknowledge that ZIGZAG PLAYENTERTAINMENT only facilitates the third party payment gateway for processing ofpayment. This facility is managed by the third party payment gateway provider and you arerequired to follow all the terms and conditions of such third party payment gateway provider.You are responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided by you,including the bank account number/credit card details and the like. You agree and acknowledge that Zigzag Player shall not be liable and in no way be heldresponsible for any losses whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential,including without limitation any losses due to delay in processing of payment instruction orany credit card fraud. You can contact us at pingpongott@gmail.com in case you require anyassistance with regard to payment transfer on the Site(s)/ App(s) and the same could beforwarded to the concerned third party payment gateway provider for the redressal. Youconsent that Zigzag Player, at its sole discretion, shall be entitled to revisethe fees (including but not limited to charging for the free content and vice versa) associatedwith the content(s) hosted on Site(s)/ App(s). You may cancel your membership at any time;however, there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods. It must be noted thatsubscription for Zigzag Player Site(s)/ App(s)Services shall not provideas an entry into any contests or events of Zigzag Player.


The Privacy Policy (as provided on the Site(s)/ Apps(s)), and any other documents,instructions, etc. included on the Site(s)/ Apps(s) shall be read in conjunction with and shallform an integral part of these Terms of Use.


Voucher code:1. Voucher code can only be redeemed on Zigzag Player Androidmobile application, Zigzag Player Website and PWA. The codecannot be redeemed on any other platform (e.g iOS, Android TV. Roku etc.)2. Voucher code is not applicable on Google (Google Play) and Operator Billing, Rokubilling, iTunes in-app purchase3. Voucher code is case sensitive and can be used only once4. Voucher code will not be replaced if lost, damaged, stolen or otherwise used withoutyour permission5. Voucher Code has to be used before expiry dateIII. OTHER TERMS1. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held by any court or other competentauthority to be void or unenforceable in whole or part, the other provision of theseTerms and Conditions and the remainder of the affected provisions shall continue tobe valid.2. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance withthe laws of India and subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Courts inMumbai.3. The Company is empowered to take a decision on any case not covered by the presentTerms and Conditions.4. Each provision of this Terms and Conditions shall be considered severable, and if forany reason any provision(s), or the application of such provision(s) to any person,entity or circumstance, shall be held invalid or unenforceable, such provision(s) shallbe ineffective to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability without invalidatingthe remaining provisions hereof, or the application of the affected provision topersons, entities or circumstances other than those to which it was held invalid orunenforceable.IV. NO LIABILITY1. The Company is in no manner whatsoever responsible and/or shall not be held liable,for any physical injury, death, mental trauma caused to any Participant in any mannerwhatsoever, in relation to participation in the Activity.2. The Company, shall be under no liability whatsoever to the Participants, in respect ofany loss, damage suffered by the Participant arising from or pursuant to the Activityor for any and all loss, damage, cost, expense or injury to life or property sustained bythe Participant at any stage of the Activity whether or not caused by (1) theParticipant’s participation in the Activity, or being selected or disqualified; (2) as aresult of the decisions of the Company; and/or (4) any printing, typographical ortechnological errors in any materials associated with the Activity. Notwithstandingthe generality of the foregoing, the Company expressly excludes liability for all direct,indirect and consequential loss or damage, including but not limited to loss or damageto property or for loss of profit, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savingspursuant to participation in the Activity. In no event will the measure of damages include, nor will the Company be liable for, any amounts for indirect, incidental,consequential, or punitive damages of any party, including third parties; or fordamages attributable to the Participant; or circumstances beyond the Company’sreasonable control.3. The Participant agrees that he/she shall hold harmless the Company, their affiliates,subsidiaries, group companies, their respective employees, officers, sub-contractorsor any other person in connection with the Activity including but not limited topersons connected to the selection procedure for the Activity.4. The Company or any of its affiliates will not be liable for any loss of earnings,employment or otherwise caused to the Participant and arising as a result of his/herparticipation in the Activity, if selected.5. Company shall not be held accountable/liable for any disruptions/stoppages/interruptions or cancellation of the Activity on account of any force majeure factorsor otherwise.6. Company shall not be held responsible or accountable for any expenses, loss, injuryor any other liability which may arise while receiving the Gratification if is intimatedto Participant for this Activity.7. Company shall not be held accountable/liable by the Winners in event the Voucherand/or the Gift Card do not work/redeemed for reasons including but not limited to (i)wrong code printed on the Voucher and/or Gift Card or (ii) redeemed after the duedate by the Winner or (iii) lost by Winner and redeemed by any third party (iv)technical fault in the Voucher and/or the Gift Card or (v) not adhering to the termsand conditions laid down to redeem the Voucher and/or the Code, etc.8. The Participant hereby agrees to indemnify the Company or its affiliates against anyclaims that might arise from his/her actions or omissions while participating in theActivity or due to any representations, misrepresentations or concealment of materialfacts by the Participant.PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU STILL PROCEED TO ACCESS THE APP(S) AND SHARE THEPERSONAL INFORMATION WITH Zigzag Player, YOU SOLELYSHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY KIND OF LEGAL OR OTHER ACTIONS THATSHALL TAKE PLACE AND Zigzag Player SHALL NOT BERESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACTIONS IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER